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Signature Shots Series: Ep#2 Andres Gomez

a month ago
NUNEZ EXPERIENCES SIGNATURE SHOTS is a new series of video presented by Coach Colon Nunez, analyzing the signature shots of his best players through the years. In this second episode, Coach Nunez is talking about the Left Forehand of a former Grand Slam Champions Andres Gomes. Andres turned professional in 1979. His first ATP TOUR singles title came in 1981 in Bordeaux and then won the Italian Open in 1982 & 1984. Andres won the US Open men's doubles title (partnering Slobodan Živojinović) in 1986 and he attained the world No. 1 doubles ranking that same year. He won the French Open double title in 1988 (partnering Emilio Sánchez). In 1990, Andres reached his first and only Grand Slam singles final at the French Open. He beat Fernando Luna, Marcelo Filippini, Alexander Volkov, Magnus Gustafsson, Thierry Champion and Thomas Muster on his road to the final. He faced 20-year-old Andre Agassi who was playing in his first Grand Slam singles final and won it in 4 sets. Gómez reached his career-high singles ranking of world No. 4 in 1990. Over the course of his career, Andres won 21 singles (1 GS) and 33 doubles titles (2 GS).

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